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Patent: The Body Swing Golfing Machine and Methods

July 31, 2017

The Secret of Ben Hogan's Machine-like Swing

This is the only theoretical and physical model that corroborates everything that the Master wrote and said and did.

The invention consists of a machine that simulates the body-driven golf swing and a set of methods which emanate from the principle, attributes and motion of the machine. The machine and methods together form a comprehensive golf simulation system to teach a golfer to perform the body-driven golf swing in order to strike a golf ball with power, precision and consistency. The machine consists of upper cylinder, lower cylinder and longer and shorter rods that causes a hinged chuck to rotate on an inclined-plane surface perpendicular to the axis of rotation. The motion of the machine is driven by a reactive power element that simulates a resistance based body-driven swing. The set of methods enable a golfer to emulate the motion of the machine and create alignments and torque by exploiting natural angles and structure of human anatomy.

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Hogan: The Sixth Lesson in Golf Assessor's Top 50 Ultimate Golf Books!

July 31, 2017

No. 34 in "Ultimate List of the Best Golf Books - Top 50 Picks" 

"Crouching Tiger Hidden Hogan: The Sixth Lesson" is ranked No. 34 in "Ultimate List of the Best Golf Books - Top 50 Picks" by Golf Assessor, the Web's No. 1 independent golf equipment review website. 

"In his legendary book 'The Five Lessons', Ben Hogan states that any golfer with reasonable coordination can break 80. He always spoke of "The Secret" to unleashing his full potential, but never said what it was. To his grave it went with him, and we thought the Secret would die a mystery. This book (Crouching Tiger Hidden Hogan: The Sixth Lesson), however, unpicks his cryptic clues on the subject, and ultimately brings the Secret back to life."
The complete list and review is available here

Essential for Serious Golfers, Mandatory for Teaching Professionals: Tom Ward

June 20, 2017

Review by Tom Ward in Sports Page Weekly, Fort Worth/Dallas

"Hogan was best known for his blunt answer 'digging it out of the dirt' when people asked him about his secret, but this book unveils a whole new meaning into what Hogan actually meant by that particular statement. Ultimately, this book really resonated with me on many levels. As a golf professional and instructor I've traveled a path with my own personal journey in discovering how to play the game at its highest level for five decades. I appreciate the effort and the fortitude that the author put forward in writing this comprehensive book. There are so many things that I agree with and concur in his writings because it deals with scientific laws of physics and aren't someone's opinions which can be quite misleading. This book isn't for the casual golfer because they don't invest enough time practicing or playing the game to care. However this book is an essential read in my opinion if you're a serious golfer looking to improve your game. Also this book is mandatory reading for anyone entering the golf profession who wants to become a higher caliber player and more importantly have a better understanding how to teach students the game the correct way. There are so many great things inside the pages of this book that I don't have the space in my column to discuss them...besides I wouldn't want to give away any intricate secrets spoiling it for the reader. That's why I recommend you order this book today and make your own personal journey."

Tom Ward is an internationally known Professional Golf Instructor and former Touring Pro. Tom has set 17 course records in his career including a tied Guinness Book of World Record for shooting a 57 (13 under par on a par 70 course). He has taught golf in 45 countries. His students have ranged from beginners to winners on all the professional golf circuits (PGA, European, LPGA, Asian, Canadian, Mexican, South African, and mini-tours) as well as a who's who of high profile celebrities from the Sports and Entertainment industry (Movies, Television, Music, NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball and Hockey). Tom has had the honor of working with 3 former U.S. Presidents on their games. He has also instructed numerous CEO's of Fortune 500 companies and their clients. Two of his greatest passions have included working with children and the physically challenged. Working with people that have disabilities has taught him that the only limits we have are in our minds. More info about Tom Ward is available here. The complete review in Sports Page Weekly is available here

Coming soon to the PGA Tour: The Hogan Swing

November 16, 2016

The Most Powerful, Accurate and Repeatable Swing in Golf.

Not a single player on the PGA tour today swings like Ben Hogan, although most of them want to. Now that Hogan's Secret has been fully decoded, it is my humble assertion and prediction that soon you will begin to see the Hogan swing in action on the PGA Tour. It will happen not because I say so, but because Henny Bogan is the most powerful, accurate and repeatable swing in golf. 

The Body Swing Golfing Machine & Methods (patent pending) is a comprehensive tutorial system. It consists of (i) an operational model of the machine designed to demonstrate the concept and execution of the body-driven golf swing and (ii) a teacher manual designed to run a non-technical golfer through the steps of implementation, error diagnosis and correction. The Body Swing Golfing Machine & Methods will be made available to teaching professionals worldwide at a nominal cost.

Golf teachers and their students who are early onto the learning curve have the unique opportunity to create competitive edge!




What Ben Hogan Discovered

November 13, 2016

Shoulder Rotation Enabled by Lower Body Joints.

Ben Hogan discovered that there are two components of shoulder rotation. The first is (1) independent shoulder rotation which is 45 degrees and the second one is (2) dependent shoulder rotation enabled by lower-body joints - the ankle, knee and hip. 

Every lower-body joint enables a shoulder rotation of 22.5 degrees, or a quarter of a turn. The maximum shoulder rotation around the spinal axis equals 45 degrees of independent shoulder rotation plus 67.5 degrees ( 3 x 22.5 degrees) of lower-body enabled rotation. Ben Hogan exploited this fact to create a mechanically precise golf swing.

This relationship between lower-body joints and shoulder rotation is one of the major findings of my five-year research into the golf swing in general and Ben Hogan's swing in particular. This fundamental relationship in human anatomy is being published for the very first time; no medical or golf journal has recorded this before.




Ben Hogan: The Man, the Mind, the Swing.

November 12, 2016


Ben Hogan: "I won't tell even my wife"

In 1946, Ben Hogan said that he had discovered something so startling about the golf swing that he would not disclose it even to his spouse, confidante and life-time companion Valerie. This was the discovery around which Hogan built his famous Post-Secret swing.

Hogan was a reticent and secretive man. He did not give away anything and often preferred to answer questions with a steely gaze from his blue eyes. As Jackie Burke said, Hogan probably had 500 secrets. But this one was the keystone which held everything together.

Any guesses as to the nature of this keystone?

Hint: It has to do with the lower body. To be more specific, it has to do with the joints in the legs.