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Blog posts November 2016

Coming soon to the PGA Tour: The Hogan Swing

The Most Powerful, Accurate and Repeatable Swing in Golf.

Not a single player on the PGA tour today swings like Ben Hogan, although most of them want to. Now that Hogan's Secret has been fully decoded, it is my humble assertion and prediction that soon you will begin to see the Hogan swing in act…

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What Ben Hogan Discovered

Shoulder Rotation Enabled by Lower Body Joints.

Ben Hogan discovered that there are two components of shoulder rotation. The first is (1) independent shoulder rotation which is 45 degrees and the second one is (2) dependent shoulder rotation enabled by lower-body joints - the ankle, knee and hip.…

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Ben Hogan: The Man, the Mind, the Swing.


Ben Hogan: "I won't tell even my wife"

In 1946, Ben Hogan said that he had discovered something so startling about the golf swing that he would not disclose it even to his spouse, confidante and life-time companion Valerie. This was the discovery around which Hogan built his famous Post-Secre…

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