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What Ben Hogan Discovered

Shoulder Rotation Enabled by Lower Body Joints.

Ben Hogan discovered that there are two components of shoulder rotation. The first is (1) independent shoulder rotation which is 45 degrees and the second one is (2) dependent shoulder rotation enabled by lower-body joints - the ankle, knee and hip. 

Every lower-body joint enables a shoulder rotation of 22.5 degrees, or a quarter of a turn. The maximum shoulder rotation around the spinal axis equals 45 degrees of independent shoulder rotation plus 67.5 degrees ( 3 x 22.5 degrees) of lower-body enabled rotation. Ben Hogan exploited this fact to create a mechanically precise golf swing.

This relationship between lower-body joints and shoulder rotation is one of the major findings of my five-year research into the golf swing in general and Ben Hogan's swing in particular. This fundamental relationship in human anatomy is being published for the very first time; no medical or golf journal has recorded this before.




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