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Coming soon to the PGA Tour: The Hogan Swing

The Most Powerful, Accurate and Repeatable Swing in Golf.

Not a single player on the PGA tour today swings like Ben Hogan, although most of them want to. Now that Hogan's Secret has been fully decoded, it is my humble assertion and prediction that soon you will begin to see the Hogan swing in action on the PGA Tour. It will happen not because I say so, but because Henny Bogan is the most powerful, accurate and repeatable swing in golf. 

The Body Swing Golfing Machine & Methods (patent pending) is a comprehensive tutorial system. It consists of (i) an operational model of the machine designed to demonstrate the concept and execution of the body-driven golf swing and (ii) a teacher manual designed to run a non-technical golfer through the steps of implementation, error diagnosis and correction. The Body Swing Golfing Machine & Methods will be made available to teaching professionals worldwide at a nominal cost.

Golf teachers and their students who are early onto the learning curve have the unique opportunity to create competitive edge!




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