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Ben Hogan: The Man, the Mind, the Swing.


Ben Hogan: "I won't tell even my wife"

In 1946, Ben Hogan said that he had discovered something so startling about the golf swing that he would not disclose it even to his spouse, confidante and life-time companion Valerie. This was the discovery around which Hogan built his famous Post-Secret swing.

Hogan was a reticent and secretive man. He did not give away anything and often preferred to answer questions with a steely gaze from his blue eyes. As Jackie Burke said, Hogan probably had 500 secrets. But this one was the keystone which held everything together.

Any guesses as to the nature of this keystone?

Hint: It has to do with the lower body. To be more specific, it has to do with the joints in the legs. 


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What book are clues from Crouching or modern 5 ?....

The three joints enable a fixed amount of shoulder rotation.